Christmas spirit

As I write this I am sitting in bed, with my christmas slippers on, my cat sleeping next to me and Love Actually playing in the background (I’ve seen this movie so many times I almost know it off by heart). I just watched Elf and although it’s not quite December yet (that’s tomorrow), I’m really starting to get quite excited for Christmas. Although if I’m being honest, I was starting to get excited at least 3 weeks ago. It’s quite possibly my favourite time of year. It starts to get cold (which I always complain about, although I love it), all the Christmas lights go up around town, and you can sit inside with warm, comfy clothes and hot chocolate. What’s not to love? I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can start opening my kinder chocolate advent calendar! I’m trying not to get my hopes up about there being snow this year although it does keep getting colder so fingers crossed! I love snow but unfortunately it hasn’t been a white christmas for a while :( I’m so jealous of people in New York and places like that that have so much snow each year.

I’ve done all my Christmas decorating already (of course) and it has made my room look amazing. My parents have started decorating in the living room too, and everything just feels so Christmasy. Last weekend all the Christmas lights were put up around the town I live in and it makes everything so magical. I think the only thing left for me is to buy some cinnamon tea so I’ll really feel Christmasy.

I wasn’t quite sure what to write for my first blog post, but I thought I’d start with something I love. Hence a Christmasy post :)

Thought I’d include some photos of my Christmas spirit

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Tinsel shelves edit

Tinsel on my shelves

Tinsel mirror edit

And around the mirror

Christmas tree edit

Mini Christmas tree (very important decoration)

Snowman edit

Adorable little snowman on my door

Cinnamon edit

Amazing cinnamon candle that smells so good

Slippers edit

My awesome Christmas slippers from H&M

One of the cutest scenes in Love Actually

And of course one of the cutest scenes in Love Actually


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