You are my sunshine

I always think it’s amazing how the weather affects people. It is finally starting to get sunny and warm after months of being cold, rainy and frankly just miserable. Thanks to a change in the weather, I have never felt better. I am packing away my winter jacket, my gloves, and my jumpers, pushing all the dark colours into the back of my closet. I am happily replacing them with new dresses, shorts, pale pinks, and light blues. It feels so good. I’ve even started experimenting with bright eyeshadow to add a pop of colour to my life after some long and grey months (I’ll do a separate blog post about this another time).

I will admit that there are some things I will miss about winter. Snow, hot chocolate, all those big Christmas meals, cozy jumper and sitting by the fire place. But all in all I could not be happier about the change in weather. Everyone always seems much happier and more relaxed when there are clear blue skies, sunshine and it’s 20°C. That is my favourite kind of weather; warm but not too warm, a nice in-between.

It’s almost like the whole country suddenly wakes up when the weather gets warmer. They wake up slowly but surely, as if they have been sleeping next to Sleeping Beauty for the last few months, and the warm sunshine is the prince come to rescue them. I guess in a way human beings do hibernate, just in our own special way.

I decided to write a short blog post after being away for a while, but I promise there will be longer ones in a few days :)

Until next time! x


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