Dr.Organic Skin Lotions

Dr Organic edited

I have used a number of different skin lotions in the past few years, from The Body Shop’s body butters to skin lotions from Guess and Mexx. But none of the skin lotions I’ve used in the past few years have been as good as the skin lotions from dr.organic.

I started using their skin lotion a few months ago after I found it in my local health store. I needed a new skin lotion and this is an organic brand with a lot of different options for skin lotion so I decided to try it out. And I have to say, I absolutely loved it. I’ve used too many skin lotions where they felt greasy and left my skin feeling greasy and sticky. If I put the lotion on before getting changed it would leave me feeling like my clothes were sticking to me. Dr. Organic skin lotions are one of the only brand of lotions that I’ve tried that don’t feel that way. The lotion is absorbed into the skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, and soft but not greasy or sticky at all.

Another good thing about dr.organic lotions is that they are organic products (that should be obvious from the name of the brand). All of their products are paraben free, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free, and there are no artificial colours, fragrances or harsh preservatives. And of course the products are made with organically certified and natural products.

The first skin lotion I tried from this brand was the Aloe Vera skin lotion. I really liked this one. It’s good for dry, problem and sun exposed skin. This skin lotion is great but it just wasn’t for me. I don’t really have dry, problem or sun exposed skin so while it is a great skin lotion it just doesn’t suit my skin type.

The second lotion I bought was the Royal Jelly skin lotion. This is a great anti-aging and firming lotion. I enjoyed this lotion, and I definitely think I’ll buy it again. I enjoyed the firming element of the lotion, I think it definitely helped my skin and I think this lotion is great if you’re a little older as it would help to keep your skin firm and young-looking.

The lotion I am currently using is the Lavender skin lotion. I love this lotion so much, it smells incredible. Because the lotions are made with natural ingredients this lotion doesn’t smell the way most lavender products smell, it smells like you’re standing in a field of lavender. Which  can be quite intense but I love it. It almost makes your room smell really nice, which is a great bonus. This is another lotion I will be buying again when it runs out.

The only problem I have with these lotions is that they seem to run out quickly. Although in all fairness that may be mostly my fault considering I use it almost every day and I use a decent amount each time. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints about these lotions, I think they are fantastic and I love using them.

Until next time! x


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