Winter Essentials

I absolutely love winter, but honestly after Christmas I’m kind of ready for it to be summer again. Getting through a cold December and a grey and miserable January and February can be challenging. Therefore I have compiled a list of my top winter essentials to help you through these trying times. These essentials include beauty items, clothing, and other random bits and pieces. I hope you enjoy this list and hopefully it will help you through the winter!


Starting off with beauty. I have four beauty items on this winter essentials list, two of them being makeup and the other two being moisturisers.


Intense care edited.jpgFirst off is the Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care. This is such a good lip balm. I absolutely love the Maybelline Baby Lips range, I think they’ve got such good lip balms with a lot of different options so there’s something there for everyone. My personal favourite is the Hydrate one, which is amazing, however with it being winter I figured I’d pick up one which had even more hydration. (€3.50 from Etos)

Mango hand cream edited.jpgThe second item is The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream. I got this hand cream as a Christmas present and I have been using it pretty much every day since I got it. It’s so hydrating and it smells so good. I will definitely be picking up another one when mine runs out. (€5.50 from The Body Shop)

Max factor blush editedNext item is Max Factor 30 Gorgeous Berries Creme Puff blush. This is a beautiful plum colour, which is a great colour for this time of year. It is quite intense so you need to avoid using too much or else you’ll look a bit too redish. This is apparently more for people with darker skin, however I think you can definitely wear this is if you’re paler (just make sure not too apply too much). It also doubles as a lovely eyeshadow. (€12.99 from Kruidvat)

MAC Rebel editedLast but not least: MAC Satin Rebel. This was also a Christmas present and I absolutely love it! It’s such a beautiful dark purple which always looks great in the winter. It does not dry out your lips at all (ideal for winter) and it has a nice sheen to it. A definite must have in the winter. (€19.00 from Douglas)


This coat is from Mango and I’ve had it for a few years now. I am always excited to wear this again when it starts to get colder. It is such a nice coat, warm and also stylish (the perfect combo). It is black with gold buttons down the front and on the sleeves. It comes down to my knees, which is great because it keeps my legs nice and warm. The only negative thing I have to say about it, is that the pocket broke fairly soon after I got it which is a shame. However other than that it is wonderful and I will definitely miss wearing it when it gets warmer. (€30.00 from V&D)

This is a scarf I picked up in Primark a few months ago when it was starting to get really cold. It is a lovely checkered pattern and it keeps me very warm, which is why I bought it. It feels like a wooly material however it is not scratchy at all, something I hate with wooly products. I always pair this scarf with my Mango coat and they look great together, whether the coat is open and the scarf wrapped around my neck, or the coat open and the scarf hanging loose. (€6.00 from Primark)

Of course with a coat and scarf, you have to wear a hat in these chilly months. This hat is from Esprit and I received it for Christmas last year. It is always the first hat I reach for before any others, because it is so warm and it looks cute too! I love the bobble at the back which is a fun touch and the fact that it is grey adds a bit more colour to the outfit.

I love to wear warm pyjamas in the winter (even though it makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning) because they keep me so nice and warm, whether I’m just doing things around my room, or actually sleeping in them. The pyjamas on the left are from Esprit and are a set of a long sleeved button down shirt and long trousers which go almost to the ground. They are very soft and comfortable to sleep in. The ones on the right are pyjama trousers/leggings from Primark and they have a Christmas pattern on them which I love (because I love Christmas). These are so incredibly warm and soft. I wear these more around the house than I wear them to actually sleep in but you can definitely use them for both. (Primark: €10.00)

Reindeer socks edited

The last item of clothing is this adorable pair of Christmas socks from H&M. They are super soft, warm and of course very adorable. What’s not to love about reindeer socks? I only really wore these before and during Christmas because of the reindeer on them, however they came in a pack with some stripy red and white socks, which I will be wearing now Christmas is over. H&M had a wonderful Christmas sock selection this winter and I will admit I bought quite a few pairs!


I love scented candles (and regular candles) all year round however in the winter they have some great scents which just make the whole room feel cosier. The candles on the left are tea light candles from Bolsius with a cinnamon scent. These candles are great at making your room smell like Christmas. I love this company’s candles because the smell diffuses throughout the room so well and really just makes the whole place smell of cinnamon (which is great). The candle on the right is from Primark’s Christmas range and it is called Snow Drops. This smells really lovely and Christmasy. It is hard to describe the scent, but trust me it is really nice. The only complaint I have about Primark candles it that they don’t diffuse throughout the room very well which is a shame. However they still smell nice. (Bolsius: €1.99 from Albert Heijn. Primark: €3.00)

PG tips edited

Tea is a very important part of my life all year round. However in the winter I probably drink at least 4 cups a day, partly because it keeps me nice and warm and partly because tea is amazing. My all time favourite tea is PG Tips. It just tastes so nice and it’s the first tea I’ll reach for before anything else. PG Tips have spoiled me and I now don’t like other English tea (the supermarkt kind or Pickwick) as much because it never tastes as nice as PG Tips. Unfortunately seeing as I don’t live in the UK, it is a little harder and more expensive to come by. (€3.00/£2.29 from Tescos)

Book (AC) edited

Last item on the list is a book. This is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. This book is amazing and if you have not read it I highly recommend you do. It is a crime thriller type book about ten strangers who all go to an island together. I love this book because it was never predictable, I could never guess what was going to happen and it was all just so well thought out and clever. There is also a BBC series starring the people shown here on the cover which is also amazing. If you don’t want to read the book, you should definitely watch the series because it is just as good. (€19.70/£15.00 from Waterstones)


And that’s it! My whole winter essentials list. I hope you enjoyed it and that it was useful. Let me know some of your winter essentials :)

Until next time! x


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