Review: Maybelline Color Drama

Hello! I am back again with a review of the Maybelline Color Drama intense velvet lip pencil. I am a massive fan of these lip pencils and I use them all the time. I have the shades 310 Berry Much and 510 Red Essential. They have about 10 different shades, ranging from nude, to bright pink, to red, to dark purple.

These are both beautiful, pigmented colours, one in a deep red and the other a dark plum. These are very easy to apply, being shaped like a pencil means that you don’t necessarily need a lip pencil to outline your lips first. The dark plum colour (310 Berry Much) is more matt than the deep red (510 Red Essential), however it is not a full matt colour. Both of these lip pencils will last for ages. I have worn the for 8+ hours before and even though I would eat and drink it just would not budge, I usually only have to reapply once. I’ve had many people comment on it and ask what I’m wearing because they’re always impressed with how long it lasts. Neither of the lip pencils stain your lips (at least not very much) and they are easy to remove with makeup remover.

All in all these are great lip pencils and I am a huge fan. They apply so nicely and look great. Although their best feature is without a doubt that they last all day. I am definitely off to buy some more colours!

Until next time! x


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  1. Great review and your blog is fantastic! Follow for follow?

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    1. jessbrus says:

      Sure! I’m glad you liked it :)


  2. nayardt says:

    Love them! Great post!


    1. jessbrus says:

      Thank you!


  3. Loveandotherlipsticks says:

    Lovely colours! Check out my blog restart:


    1. LifeofBeauty says:

      Thank you :) You’re blog looks really good!

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      1. Loveandotherlipsticks says:

        Thanks so much! X


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